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_mini_arredo_ufficio.jpgTips on how to furnish your office (Office furniture)
The selection of the premises where you can rent your own office is the first step towards a range of responsibilities related to the rental of a office.
_mini_science14-2-01-1-1.jpgPros and cons of three types of property (Choosing your office)
Serviced offices in a business center, the alternative of the smart office or a traditional office?
Another criterion to consider when choosing your office is the type of property. Starting from the typology with the lowest added value you can choose from a simple traditional office, a smart office or a business center. The choice depends on the needs of your company.
_mini_money.jpgBuy or rent? How to choose (Choosing your office)
Once you have found the area that suits your needs, the question is whether to buy or rent the property destined to be your office. The answer depends, however, on the situation of the company. If it has been recently created or you do not have enough capital to buy, then the solution seems obvious.
_mini_puntina.jpgHow to choose the location for your office (Office location)
Moving into a new office is a formidable task, and it is not always easy to get the right balance between accessibility and perfect conditions. One of the main issues to be considered, perhaps the first, is the location of the new office.
_mini_arredare.jpgDecorating the office according to the law (Office furniture)
Decorating and furnishing an office is not just a matter of aesthetics and practicality, but it must comply with the requirements imposed by law. There are several main points that require extreme care in designing the new office, which concern the environment and in particular the equipment to use.
_mini_illuminazione.jpgThe lighting for the office (Office furniture)
A very important aspect in setting up the office and which often takes second place is the lighting in the workplace. When you are going to decorate your office, remind your architect not to forget this aspect and therefore not to underestimate the positioning and intensity of the light fixtures.
_mini_area_break.jpgThe coffee break area in the office (Office furniture)
If you are deciding how to furnish your new office, do not forget the coffee break area, a space that can prove much more important than you might think.