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Pros and cons of three types of property

Serviced offices in a business center, the alternative of the smart office or a traditional office?
Another criterion to consider when choosing your office is the type of property. Starting from the typology with the lowest added value you can choose from a simple traditional office, a smart office or a business center. The choice depends on the needs of your company.

science14 2 01 1 1Traditional offices are premises in which the owner sells or rents an empty space without worrying about furniture, equipment, utilities, Internet and maintenance. Rentals are lower than for the other facilities listed above because the investment for physical, financial and technological resources is inferior.
On the other hand, there is the possibility to customize the property with furniture chosen accordingly to the activity. The contract duration usually involves a multi-year rental with 4 +4 or 6 +6 contracts where the commitment is greater, as well as higher is the security deposit.

The so-called Smart Office is the evolution of today's traditional offices as far as services offered. They in fact offer a range of basic services such as Wi-Fi Internet connection and a previous arrangement of furniture that allows you to start working immediately. However, there are no high initial investments for the set-up. Benefits include the convenience of not having to worry about contacting phone providers and technicians for the Internet connection, as well as to worry about furniture, which could also be customized to suit your needs. The rental price is a compromise between the traditional office and the serviced office in a business center.

Third and final type is the Business Center, an innovative and flexible workspace with furnished and ready-to-use offices and with the most modern technologies. The range of services offered by a Business Center is able to meet various requirements such as those of start-up companies looking for a low risk investment, or the need for business people who travel and need a temporary office which is already functioning, or those who need a physical address and a PO box. In conformity to the basic idea of the Business Center, many services are shared, such as meeting rooms and reception services. The flexibility of the contracts will allow future expansion and/or cancellation, without the payment of any penalty. Rentals may be for just an hour, half a day, a full day, a month of for various years. The deposit is not high and the rent payment is due just one month in advance.