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Buy or rent? How to choose

Once you have found the area that suits your needs, the question is whether to buy or rent the property destined to be your office. The answer depends, however, on the situation of the company. If it has been recently created or you do not have enough capital to buy, then the solution seems obvious.


Why should you rent an office in a business center?
  1. The offices are fully furnished and equipped;
  2. Chance to work immediately;
  3. "Pay per use" extra services;
  4. Leases vary from a few hours to multi-year contracts with possibility of cancellation;
  5. Flexibility to expand or reduce the size of your office in case of expansions or cuts of personnel.

What are the advantages of a lease in a Smart Office?
  1. Optimization of time through the provision of basic services;
  2. The possibility of enriching the offer with a series of extra services customized to suit your needs;
  3. Flexible contracts with the possibility of termination before the scheduled end of the contract.

Pros and cons of renting a traditional office
  1. Pros:
    • Possibility to customize the furnishings;
    • Contacts with suppliers of utilities.
  2. Cons:
    • Standard contracts of type 4 +4 or 6 +6 with no possibility of cancellation;
    • Setup costs are not included in the rent;
    • Flat fees for spaces and/or services without optimizing their use.

Which factors to take into account when deciding to buy the property
  1. Greater responsibility towards the property;
  2. Need for cash;
  3. Maintenance expenses and condo fees and taxes;
  4. Customization of spaces to suit your needs and tastes;
  5. Full authority on the property.

In most cases the rent option is the most practical and accessible. Do not underestimate the value added factor of time and the expertise of people who are prepared to guide you while choosing the office for your activity.